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From Our Darkest Day, Our Brightest HopeA) That awful September morning, when jet-liners rained from the sky, and the worst anyone could imagine seemed possible, the Welch sisters had more reason than most to panic. Rumors of violent death swirled around their schools near Alexandria, Va., and Aubrey, Alyssa, Alana and Ashley knew for certain that their father had headed to work early that morning—at the Pentagon (五角大樓). “I was scared,” says Alyssa, 10,the youngest “I thought, ‘Oh, no! My dad works in the west ring, where they’re saying the plane hit!” Lt. Col. Tracy L. Welch survived that day because he was walking to a meeting when Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. But it was hours before his daughters learned that their father was alive. The family’s brush with disaster made the girls sensitive to the suffering of those who weren’t so lucky. Then something important started, as it often does, with a simple idea.
A Flood of Support
B) On September 12, the girls decided to hold a car wash and donate the proceeds to the American Red Cross. They called their effort “Wash America: Help Wash Away the Hurt” and contacted local radio stations to get the word out. Then the sisters set to work with buckets and water. They raised $10,000 the first day, before the idea shot cross-country like water from a fire hose (水管). Last fall, people in 31 states scrubbed cars clean for Wash America. And when the suds (肥皂泡) were dry, they’d raised more than $85,000 for the families of the victims. “I never thought kids could change the world,” says Aubrey,15. “But now I know that when people come together, even average kids like us, you can do something.”
C) Stories like the Welch sisters are proof that, though Sept.11 was one of our nation’s darkest days, Americans response to the tragedy has been one of the brightest chapters in our history. After the attacks, people everywhere asked instinctively, “What can I do?” And perhaps no group has been more anxious to help with the healing process than young people. Today, encouraged by President Bush’s call to service and the newly formed USA Freedom Corps, record numbers of young volunteers are comforting victims of the terrorist attacks and tackling ongoing problems such as hunger and homelessness. And as National Volunteer Week begins today, communities across the country will honor those who are healing the world.
The Greatest Generation
D) In January, millions of youths took up the Do Something organization’s “Kindness & Justice Challenge”, dedicating two weeks to good deeds, like gathering supplies for schools in need. By April, through a 4-H program, youth and adults had pledged a staggering 3.4 million hours to community service. Beginning this Friday on National Youth Service Day, organizers expect to shatter turnout records. PARADE is a sponsor of this annual event, which celebrates the year-round efforts of young volunteers.“People ask whether this generation is up for the challenges we face.” says Steve Culbertson, president of Youth Service America, the organizer of the event. “But we have the greatest generation of young Americans right under our noses. Youths today are volunteering more than any other generation in history. The challenge is making enough room for the amazing energy they bring to the problem-solving table.”
The Time to Help Is Now
E) The energy of IS-year-old Marquise McGraw could light up an entire New York City neighborhood. Marquise, a gifted, college-bound student, tutors young kids in science and, as part of his 4-H program, delivers computer presentations on the importance of staying in school. “I live in the projects,” Marquise says “and kids here don’t always have the right role models. I wanted to encourage kids to follow in my footsteps.” The attacks on his city made Marquise even more dedicated to service. Since September, he’s been tutoring five days a week. “Sep.11 made me reconsider myself as a New Yorker and an American,” Marquise says, “I realized you can’t just say you’ll help people later. It made me get to work.”
F) Lately, Don Floyd, president and CEO of the National 4-H Council, has noticed many reactions like Marquise’s. “Before Sept.11, we took our volunteer spirit for granted, like we took so many things for granted,” he says. “But volunteerism has become more important since Sept.11. I think it’s because helping others knits us together. It makes us stronger.”
Inside the “Hate-Free Zone”
G) Like many young volunteers, Gerardo Jerry Jimenez,19, from Salem, Ore., was inspired by Sept.11 to fight harder against forces that were pulling his community apart. For years, Jerry had helped children threatened with domestic violence to find shelter. But in late September, fearing Muslims would face a blood of intolerance, Jerry and his youth group invited Muslim teens to a town hall meeting to offer their support. Then Jerry helped post “hate-free zone” signs in places where Muslims might face discrimination. “Learning that I could help others gave me more hope than I ever had,” he explains, “Community service changed my life.”
H) The honor roll of young people who’ve changed others’ lives is endless. Prudential Spirit of Community award-winner Rebecca Hill,17, of Littleton, Colo., organized a concert called “United We Sing” and raised$24,000 for the American Red Cross. And there’s Kristen Hargis,10, of Charlotte, N.C., who collected teddy bears and distributed them to New York City children traumatized (使受精神創傷) by the attacks.
I)  For the many Americans still shocked from the attack on our country, and for millions of others whose problems require urgent attention, there is the promise that a newly-mobilized army of young volunteers is on the march to make a difference. “So often since Sept.11, we’ve heard people say that America changed forever,” says Steve Culbertson. “With young people like these leading the way, we have changed forever. We’re better than before.”
1.[選詞填空]Rebecca Hill won title of Prudential Spirit of Community because she raised $24,000 for the American Red Cross.
    • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞Rebecca Hill可定位到H段。文中提到Rebecca Hill組織了一場名為“United We Sing”的音樂會并為美國紅十字會籌集到2.4萬美元,故匹配段落為H段。
    2.[選詞填空]National Youth Service Day is organized in the hope of shattering turnout records.
      • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞National Youth Service Day可定位到D段。文中的expect to和題目中的in the hope of 同義,故匹配段落為D段。
      3.[選詞填空]Steve Cuibertson consider current young generation in America as the greatest one in history.
        • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞Steve Cuibertson可定位到D段。文中講到,Steve Culbertson認為“我們現在一代的美國青少年是最偉大的.故匹配段落為D段。
        4.[選詞填空]Jerry Jimenez was worried that, after Sept 11, Muslims would be discriminated.
          • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞Jerry Jimenez可定位到G段第四句Muslims might face discrimination(穆斯林可能面臨歧視),故匹配段落為G段。
          5.[選詞填空]According to the passage, the USA Freedom Corps was an organization with lots of young volunteers.
            • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞USA Freedom Corps可定位到C段。原文提到新成立的美國自由集團擁有大量的青年志愿者,故匹配段落為C段。
            6.[選詞填空]For years, Gerardo Jerry Jimenez has been helping the kids suffered from domestic violence.
              • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞Gerardo Jerry Jimenez可定位到G段第二句。文中提到,多年來Jerry都在幫助受家庭暴力威脅的兒童尋求庇護,故匹配段落為G段。
              7.[選詞填空]After the attacks, the group which is the most anxious to help with the healing process is young people.
                • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞anxious可定位到C段。原文中no group…more anxious…than結構與本體所表述的most anxious同義,故匹配段落為C段。
                8.[選詞填空]Lt. Col. Tracy L. Welch survived Sept.11 because he was heading for a meeting at that time.
                  • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞Welch survived可定位到A段。文中說到他正走在開會的路上因此避過了這次災難,故匹配段落為A段。
                  9.[選詞填空]The Welch sisters started a campaign called "Wash America" after the terrorist attacks.
                    • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞Welch sisters可定位到B段。文中講到Welch家的姐妹們決定開洗車檔并把收入捐給美國紅十字會,她們將她們的努力稱為“洗凈美國:洗去傷痛”,故匹配段落為B段。
                    10.[選詞填空]The purpose of Marquise McGraw’s presentation in 4-H program is to emphasize the importance of staying in school.
                      • 解題思路:由題干關鍵詞Marquise McGraw可定位到E段第二句。原文介紹Marquise作為4-H計劃的一部分,通過電腦演示強調待在學校的重要性,故匹配段落為E段。
                      • 參考答案:H,D,D,G,C,G,C,A,B,E
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