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    If you know exactly what you want, the best route to a job is to get specialized training, A recent survey shows that companies like graduates in such fields as business and health care who can go to work immediately with very little on-the-job training.
  That’s especially true of booing fields that are challenging for workers. At Cornell’ s School of Hotel Administration, for example, bachelor’ s degree graduates get an average of four or five job offers with salaries ranging from the high teens to the low20s and plenty of chances for rapid advancement. Large companies, especially, like a background of formal education coupled with work experience.
  But in the long run, too much specialization doesn’t pay off. Business, which has been flooded with MBAs, no longer considers the degree an automatic stamp of approval. The MBA may open doors and command a higher salary initially, but the impact of a degree washes out after five years.
  As further evidence of the erosion (銷蝕) of corporate (公司的) faith in specialized degrees, Michigan State’ s Scheetz cites a pattern in corporate hiring practices. Although companies tend to take on specialists as new hires, they often seek out generalists for middle and-upper-level management. "They want someone who isn’t constrained (限制) by nuts and bolts to look at the big picture," says Scheetz.
  This sounds suspiciously like a formal statement that you approve of the liberal-arts graduate. Time and again labor-market analysts mention a need for talents that liberal-arts majors are assumed to have: writing and communication skills, organizational skills, open-mindedness and adoptability, and the ability to analyze and solve problems. David Birch claims he does not hire anybody with an MBA or an engineering degree, "I hire only liberal-arts people because they have a less-than-canned way of doing things," says Birch. Liberal-arts means an academically thorough and strict program that includes literature, history, mathematics, economics, science, human behavior—plus a computer course or two. With that under your belt, you can feel free to specialize, "A liberal-arts degree coupled with an MBA or some other technical training is a very good combination in the market-place," says Scheetz.
1.[單選題]According to Scheetz’s statement (Para. 4 ), companies prefer_____.
  • A.people who have a strategic mind
  • B.people who are talented in fine arts
  • C.people who are ambitious and aggressive
  • D.people who have received training in mechanics
  • 解題思路:語義推論題。據希茲的說法,公司更喜歡什么樣的人呢?A是具有策略性的,頭腦靈活的人;B項,在精美藝術上有天賦的人;C項,野心勃勃、好勝心強的人;D項,受過機械學培訓的人。第四段末句說,“他們想要的是那些不受狂熱和愚蠢限制的,能著眼于大局,視野開闊的人”。所以,只有A項符合原文。picture局面、情景。
2.[單選題]What kinds of people are in high demand on the job market?
  • A.Students with a bachelor’s degree in humanities.
  • B.People with an MBA degree from top universities.
  • C.People with format schooling plus work experience.
  • D.People with special training in engineering.
  • 解題思路:細節題。第二段末句,大公司特別喜歡有正規教育再加上工作經驗的人才。只有C項,與文章原意相符。
3.[單選題]Which of the following statements does the author support?
  • A.Specialists are more expensive to hire than generalists.
  • B.Formal schooling is less important than job training.
  • C.On-the-job training is, in the long run, less costly.
  • D.Generalists will outdo specialists in management.
  • 解題思路:態度題。第4段倒數第二句,作者評論說,盡管公司通常雇傭專門人才作新雇員,但他們經常尋找全才來作中高級管理人才,這表明作者贊成全才超過專業人才,故只有D項符合原文。
4.[單選題]David Birch claims that he only hires liberal-arts people because_____.
  • A.they are more capable of handling changing situations
  • B.they can stick to established ways of solving problems
  • C.they are thoroughly trained in a variety of specialized fields
  • D.they have attended special programs in management
  • 解題思路:細節推論題。第五段第三句說,韋伯奇聲稱只雇傭太學文科畢業生,因為他們做事不刻板。A項說,他們更有能力處理變化的形勢;B項說,他們能堅持解決問題的固有方式;C項說,他們在各種專業里經過全面培訓;D項說,他們學習過專門管理課程。原文意思說文科學生頭腦靈活不刻板,這樣的人當然能有應變形勢的能力,所以只有A項可選。答案:D
5.[單選題]By saying "... but the impact of a degree washes out after five years" (Line 3, Para.3), the author means_____.
  • A.most MBA programs fail to provide, students with a solid foundation
  • B.an MBA degree does not help promotion to managerial positions
  • C.MBA programs will not be as popular in five years’ time as they are now
  • D.in five years people will forget about the degree the MBA graduates have got
  • 解題思路:語義題。這句話的意思是MBA畢業生所得學位的影響5年后就消失了。(wash-out沖洗掉、淘汰消失;impact影響)這與D項的:5年后人們就會忘掉MNA畢業生所獲得的學位,屬同義轉述,故D為答案。
  • 參考答案:A,C,D,D,D
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